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Should Some Friendships be Left in the Past?

Are friendships formed in adulthood more meaningful than those of infancy? Is it because they come without the baggage and expectations of the time you shared in the past.

For a lot of us, female friendships formed in adulthood end up being more meaningful than friendships of infancy because they come without the baggage of the past.

Are childhood friendships overrated? Are adult friendships, based on shared interests, the only friendships that have a chance of lasting?

We are social beings. Friendships define our formative years and influence who we are going to be. Interestingly, barring a few years in the middle—which are defined by a yearning and search for romantic love—the early decades of our lives as well as the later ones are all about the connections we make with other human beings we aren’t interested in sleeping with. To that end, friends play a greater role in our lives than our partners, spouses or lovers ever will.

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