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My life as an army brat and how it shaped my ideas about life & travel (Conde Nast Traveller)

As children of the forces, our thrills as is evident came from simply living the gipsy life and making new friends, most of whom were itinerant army folks like us. But even as we threw ourselves into our new lives with maniacal enthusiasm, we were conscious of the transience of it all. There were no mobile phones or emails then to help you bridge geographical distances. One had to learn to live in the moment and make the most of what one was served.
To live with the knowledge that ‘now is all we have’ when it came to our homes or our friendships wasn’t easy and it got harder as one grew older.
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It’s easy to ask for a war, but whose loss is it ultimately? Life or a War Widow (Forces India cover story)

went inside and started putting things in order when someone rang the bell and a stream of people started coming in. I still didn’t have a clue and kept smiling to myself, now sure of the good news I was going to get.

Then two ladies made me sit on the sofa and then sitting on either side of me, they held my shoulder and asked me when I last spoke to my husband. I told them it was two days ago and he had told me he was going to some jungles. I was going on and on proudly about how he had caught militants a few days back. And then they said, listen, your husband is no more. Continue reading »

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