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When everything is a story (HT Brunch)

But my most pleasing discovery during the lockdown has been my ability to sit still without the distraction of a book, a child, a dog or the phone for longer than I thought possible. What’s more, I can hear inanimate things speak to me and take me on exciting journeys without having to leave the couch. In other words, I have become the old woman I was meant to be one day in the distant future, the sort that hates domestic chores preferring instead, to sit around all day smiling to herself. This I can tell you isn’t a bad experience, especially given the circumstances and in the knowledge that one-day when the confinement ends, my precious youth (read midlife) will be returned to me. Continue reading »

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#metoo and the utter bewilderment of pre-millenial men (DailyO)

While most of the millennials have stepped up and are accepting responsibility for allowing an easy space for sexual harassment and sexism to thrive, the older men, one cannot help but notice, are just bewildered.

What is a ‘MeToo’ moment for us is a ‘Huh?’ moment for them. Continue reading »

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I stumbled upon this amazing story about Zia-ul-haq by accident (As featured in the Conde Nast traveller)

A house in Jalandhar    

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For the love of Lahore (published in Conde Nast Traveller)

Jinney Lahore nahi vekhiya…  

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Pokemon Go – Is it is going to ruin our kids? This is what dogs think of it.

There is something strange going on at our house. The Older Child of the family is behaving in a manner that is neither normal, nor has it been previously witnessed in this household. Yesterday mother walked into the house and found the child lying stretched on the living room floor, staring at her phone screen, her hand dextrously tapping away on it. Continue reading »

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All aboard with Kiran Manral

A mother, a blogger, a freelance writer, a twitter influencer, an author of three published books (and counting) and a dear friend, Kiran Manral is a woman of many talents. If I were to ever write a book on her I would call it ‘I don’t know how she does it’ because ever since we … Continue reading »

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Protected: India: From a nation of sex maniacs to a nation of virgins

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Ab Ki Baar Voters List Sey Utaar

ELECTION 2014 As far as the Government of India is concerned, both my husband and I are dead. Or missing. Or we have shifted out of Bombay. I am in the midst of an existential crisis as we speak and along with me, two lac other Mumbaikars. Like many other citizens of the world’s largest … Continue reading »

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