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On playing with fire and close encounters with the FDNY in New York.

Today was an eventful day. We almost tasted our fifteen minutes of fame courtesy the spouse, in New York, Warhol’s own city, no less. It so happened that the spouse decided to fix the older one some breakfast this morning since I was busy running an errand with the younger one, not far from our … Continue reading »

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The importance of remembering dates

    Disclaimer: This is a purely fictitious account and any resemblance of characters to living persons (muse) is purely unintended and coincidental.   Women romanticize everything. They like drama. They give days and dates way too much importance than is necessary. Sounds like locker room conversation? I can see, some of you men who … Continue reading »

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Fifty shades of the husband and how it led to my starvation

This may be the last time that you will read something here about the husband. Let me put you at ease by informing you that we are not separating from each other for it is hard to part ways after one has found air conditioning compatibility. After years of sparring over the temperature of our … Continue reading »

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Six hundred dollars to get closer to nature – the Korean way.

I have been gifted a Samsung Galaxy 3 by the husband who is exceptionally generous when it comes to buying me gadgets. Even though my i-phone had met with a curious accident involving the geriatric dog and his bladder, I had made my peace with it and was loathe changing it. If you are the … Continue reading »

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Tall tales of a stiletto loving Punjabi

  I have come to realize that being tall isn’t as much an asset for a woman as people will have you believe. I have reached this conclusion after spending a good number of years as a tall person. The earliest sightings of why my height wasn’t a huge asset to me were after I … Continue reading »

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Gorillas, Oscar Wilde and a pint of Guinness in Dublin

  From the moment we arrived in Dublin last week, I was struggling to like it. The first aspect of my struggle was that, as always, I was unwilling to leave London. The second aspect was that I had been given a rather dull picture of Ireland and warned that I should brace myself for … Continue reading »

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Daddy’s day out in Ireland

Yesterday was our last day in Dublin. We are in a tiny, although charming Irish village by the sea called Salthill. Salthill is near Galway and merely a two hours drive from Dublin but thanks to the sea and frequent rain, it is really much colder here than Dublin. Each time I step out of … Continue reading »

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Terms of endearment

Since I accompanied the husband to Melbourne to see him play the keynote speaker at his alma mater’s graduation day a week ago, he has taken to calling me “Dude” for some reason. I wonder if my being his wife and sidekick du jour on that momentous day had anything to do with it because … Continue reading »

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Travails of a New Age woman

Of late I have wondered if I am suffering from early Alzheimer’s. I knew it was lurking around the corner somewhere since a few years but a Chinese test I took last week (via an email forward) has confirmed my suspicion. I shut my eyes and stood on one foot and could not manage it … Continue reading »

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