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The new mid-life crisis and how I came to accept it. (HT Brunch, January 27, 2019)

At first the prospect of being an old lady did not seem terribly daunting to me, perhaps because of how distant it seemed. In my mind, old age was grace and beauty and calm sunsets (think Maharani Gayatri Devi, think Waheeda Rehman). And given that the only thing worse than being old was dying, and death was always a very likely possibility for the elderly, it all seemed like a decent deal as long as one wasn’t infirm.

So here I was, thinking of life as something where you went from being young for a reasonably long period to being like Dame Judi Dench overnight, blithely oblivious of the transitional, somewhat hideous, and protracted interval of mid-life in between. Continue reading »

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London Diaries

Started my second day in London in a salubrious way with a walk in Hyde Park. I am here practically every summer and yet I have never given a morning constitutional in the park so much a consideration. After walking around the streets of London through the day and dining out every night, somehow languishing … Continue reading »

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Travails of a New Age woman

Of late I have wondered if I am suffering from early Alzheimer’s. I knew it was lurking around the corner somewhere since a few years but a Chinese test I took last week (via an email forward) has confirmed my suspicion. I shut my eyes and stood on one foot and could not manage it … Continue reading »

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