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No Starbucks for my children till they are forty

I am at the Starbucks near my house. Although I don’t care much for the coffee here, this place has an agreeable vibe and I have found that with practice, it is not impossible to acquire taste for their awful brew. I come to this cafe on days when I feel the need to lose … Continue reading »

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I am raising my own Calvin

It is with a heavy-as-lead heart that I am reproducing an analysis of our family, as seen from the astute eyes of our six-year-old. I have found the child typing away with great concentration using her forefinger in the  ‘Notes’ of an old ipad that my children are allowed to use over the weekend.  She … Continue reading »

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To d3 or not to d3 – on sleep, hypochondria, sunlight and mothers

The biggest casualty of motherhood as we all know is sleep. I last slept a good night’s sleep nearly a decade ago. My nights, since the arrival of my children have been filled with episodes of conscious sleepwalking and like any somnambulist, I am fatigued and sleepy in the morning. Part of the reason I … Continue reading »

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I wish I was a mother of boys

The nameless, faceless girl who India has been fighting for since December 16th died today. I woke up to the news that she had breathed her last early this morning, at a hospital minutes away from the hotel we are staying in at Singapore. Two weeks ago, this girl who the media has named ‘Amanat’ or ‘Nirbhaya’, a student … Continue reading »

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21st December 2012: Remains of the day (the Mayans got it wrong)

December 21st, 2012: So how did you celebrate the supposed last day of the world? I celebrated mine listening to a resplendent Nita Ambani talk, watching mellifluous AR Rahman sing and wonderful little children act out the history of India. Today, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, the brainchild of Mrs. Nita Ambani and Mumbai’s premier educational … Continue reading »

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On Chinese & French parenting and the lessons I have learnt from an American woman

Unlike many women my age, when I was expecting my first one, I wasn’t the least bit anxious. As far as I knew it, there was nothing unusual about becoming a parent, for reproduction was nature’s way of maintaining continuity. Dogs and cats became parents, CEOs, politicians, beggars and even terrorists became parents…. just how … Continue reading »

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Irish castles, Indian kids, Skyping the dog and other things.

After making Salthill our home in Galway for a few days we were glad to be back in London. It was about time we left Galway for we had become very comfortable in Salthill and our familiarity was beginning to tell. The bartenders at the sea facing gastro-pub, Oslo and the servers at the charming … Continue reading »

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Gorillas, Oscar Wilde and a pint of Guinness in Dublin

  From the moment we arrived in Dublin last week, I was struggling to like it. The first aspect of my struggle was that, as always, I was unwilling to leave London. The second aspect was that I had been given a rather dull picture of Ireland and warned that I should brace myself for … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Being Topless

A few days ago I woke up to the nude shot of a model/ aspiring actress in the Bombay Times. The lady in question was a certain Miss Pandey who had offered to strip herself if India won the World Cup. Evidently, she saw in her offer an adequate incentive for our ‘boys’ to bring … Continue reading »

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A picnic at the Mall

I have had no time to pen my thoughts, leave alone ruminate, since I last posted. If you ask me, I haven’t had time to think at all. There is so much that goes on in India to occupy the mind and so many opinions one is compelled to hear over controversies that the mind … Continue reading »

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