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With wings of steel (published in Make in India magazine – 2016)

With wings of steel  

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A woman wanting more out of life isn’t good for a man’s eco system – My piece for the Taj Colloquium

Formal education and an ability to pay their own bills have indeed played a decisive role in the empowerment of women. Being financially dependent does put you at a disadvantage like little else. Last month, Suneeta, a woman who works as a domestic help at my parents’ home threw her perpetually drunk and often violent husband out of her house. Having produced three children in quick succession, not counting the two children she had lost to death over the past ten years, Suneeta had begun to earn her livelihood as soon as her youngest was old enough to attend municipal school. She found the courage to put an end to a lifetime of abuse because she was finally bringing home the bread.

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The importance of remembering dates

    Disclaimer: This is a purely fictitious account and any resemblance of characters to living persons (muse) is purely unintended and coincidental.   Women romanticize everything. They like drama. They give days and dates way too much importance than is necessary. Sounds like locker room conversation? I can see, some of you men who … Continue reading »

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The curious case of the broken tooth (and the bitter truth)

Three days ago, at approximately the same time that an eminent person’s soul was leaving its mortal coil at his medically equipped house in Mumbai, I was dealing with bereavement in a clinical environment myself. With my eye fixed on the national geographic images that flickered on the monitor strategically hung over the dental chair, … Continue reading »

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