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A conversation with Kevin Kwan (author of Crazy Rich Asians) about Sex and Vanity, life during the pandemic and BLM movement

So I have done my satire of the East Coast WASP elitism with so much love because I feel like I was welcomed into that world. Some of my dearest friends are part of this world.
I’m just looking at the quirks of a community just like I did with crazy rich Asians. In this book, I’m looking at old money in New York and I’m looking at new money in New York. So it isn’t meant to offend anybody because I don’t tear people down and I haven’t done a hatchet job of it. Cornelia Guest who is as old money privileged American as it gets, is one of my dearest friends (she features in the book too briefly) and she has read my book and responded so well to it. And I am also not the first one to write satire about this class, there have been so many before me, writers like Dominic Dunne, Tom Wolfe, Edith Wharton who was the original WASP satirizing WASPs.
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A link to my conversation with Kevin Kwan after the blockbuster success of Crazy Rich Asians, the movie.

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Crazy rich Asians and the emptiness within

I was at the VAT refunds counter at Charles De Gaulle a few years ago. The great Chinese shopper had only recently arrived on the European shopping scene quickly replacing the cargoes wearing, sun visor donning Japanese tourists who one was accustomed to seeing patiently queued outside designer stores. The Chinese shoppers in the VAT … Continue reading »

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