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On watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (or watching Americans weeping over clothes) [published in the Quint – January 24th, 2019]

I would find it easy to follow her methods – if she didn’t insist that I communicate with my house while tidying up.:

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The new mid-life crisis and how I came to accept it. (HT Brunch, January 27, 2019)

At first the prospect of being an old lady did not seem terribly daunting to me, perhaps because of how distant it seemed. In my mind, old age was grace and beauty and calm sunsets (think Maharani Gayatri Devi, think Waheeda Rehman). And given that the only thing worse than being old was dying, and death was always a very likely possibility for the elderly, it all seemed like a decent deal as long as one wasn’t infirm.

So here I was, thinking of life as something where you went from being young for a reasonably long period to being like Dame Judi Dench overnight, blithely oblivious of the transitional, somewhat hideous, and protracted interval of mid-life in between. Continue reading »

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Open letter to PETA from a dog

I am a five-year-old dog, reaching out to you because I believe my human is a murderess. Continue reading »

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A link to my conversation with Kevin Kwan after the blockbuster success of Crazy Rich Asians, the movie.

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Finding the goldspot in the daughters – my session with the Chauhan girls at We the Women, Mumbai 2018

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Where to heal in Himachal (Conde Nast Traveller)

My own journey, a road trip through these mystical
mountains, is in search of retreats and spiritual sanctuaries that assist in healing—physical, mental, emotional.
For thousands of years, the Himalayas have been making yogis out of ordinary men. Perhaps this is why healing in these mountains begins from the moment one inhales their air. Here, in the birthplace of Lord Shiva, one begins to experience its holistic richness in unimaginable ways. Continue reading »

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#metoo and the utter bewilderment of pre-millenial men (DailyO)

While most of the millennials have stepped up and are accepting responsibility for allowing an easy space for sexual harassment and sexism to thrive, the older men, one cannot help but notice, are just bewildered.

What is a ‘MeToo’ moment for us is a ‘Huh?’ moment for them. Continue reading »

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Of poses and hashtags: Travelling has changed since Instagram took over (Hindustan Times, HT Brunch)

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The inner life of Frida Kahlo (Hindustan Times, HT Brunch)

It is only once you arrive inside the room that has on display her medicines, medical equipment, corsets, plasters painted with communist symbols, crutches and photographs of her with foot in traction, painting a canvas with great effort from her hospital bed, that you begin to appreciate the courage and forbearance that defined Kahlo’s short life. Continue reading »

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Learnings from my travels (Conde Nast Traveller)

What I learnt from my travels in 2015  

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