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The Sophisticated Traveler

I have not posted much since I returned from Japan, this is probably because all I ever want to do lately, is to write about Japan. The other reason is that I have been a bit unsettled ever since I returned and it is always such an effort to go back to one’s routine. Traveling … Continue reading »

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Dubai musings

I share a love hate relationship with my city. When I travel to other places I wonder what it would be like to live there, the same way perhaps, that someone in a bad marriage wonders what it would be like to be married to someone else. While there are a handful of cities I … Continue reading »

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My review of the Madonna MDNA 2012 concert, Abu Dhabi

Three hours is a long time to wait in the heat of an Abu Dhabi’s simmering summer for a concert to start. At least five people from the patient audience comprising mostly of expats, succumbed to the heat and fainted at the Arena. The previous night’s show had not fetched the Queen too many good … Continue reading »

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Some Images I clicked of Madonna at the MDNA concert, Abu Dhabi

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Notes from Down Under

My Sydney experience can be summed up in one word – Sake’. “Sake’?” you ask. “The-Japanese-rice-drink-with-alcoholic-content Sake’?” Yes, that’s the one. Sydney is the flaring and the iconic Opera House. She is also the steely high rises juxtaposed against smaller structures from another era. She is ‘The Rocks’, with its buzzing bars and restaurants. But … Continue reading »

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