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My Travels

London Diaries

Started my second day in London in a salubrious way with a walk in Hyde Park. I am here practically every summer and yet I have never given a morning constitutional in the park so much a consideration. After walking around the streets of London through the day and dining out every night, somehow languishing … Continue reading »

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Notes from Azerbaijan, Merci Baku

  I was expecting to arrive in a land of hijab clad women called Marjani, Fatima and Hayat walking behind hirsute men. I was expecting to find load-bearing donkeys, reluctantly trotting down narrow streets that disappeared into an arid nothingness. I was expecting chai khanas and bazaars where shisha smoking men traded cattle along with … Continue reading »

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St Petersburg: And I say to myself, Oh what a wonderful world

I was already in love with the notion of St Petersburg long before I arrived there.  It was one of those cities of the world I had romanticized about since I was very young. I, therefore, was almost afraid to visit it, lest I be disappointed. Snapshots of the city, some imagined from Russian classics, … Continue reading »

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Moscow Musings

St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow I am in Russia. Having left Moscow, I am cruising over the vast landmass that lies between Moscow and St Petersburg. I am trying hard to find things to say about Moscow. This is unusual for me because I always have something to say about everything.’ This often works to my … Continue reading »

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On airlines and the irksome things pilots say

While I am on the topic of airlines, what is the deal with the pilots wanting to give us the most unnecessary information at most inappropriate times?  “We are now cruising at the height of xyz and flying over Ulan Bator, which is to your right..,” announces the pilot on the PA system. Why should … Continue reading »

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The Sophisticated Traveler

I have not posted much since I returned from Japan, this is probably because all I ever want to do lately, is to write about Japan. The other reason is that I have been a bit unsettled ever since I returned and it is always such an effort to go back to one’s routine. Traveling … Continue reading »

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Tokyo Mania

As soon as I stepped out of the Tokyo train station and faced the steely grandeur of Tokyo, I knew I was in the presence of greatness. We drove through the legendary Ginza and arrived at our hotel, where our room offered us breathtaking views of the city as well as the harbour. Our hotel … Continue reading »

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Kyoto Diaries

We are in the Shinkansen, the famous bullet train of Japan, on our way to Tokyo from Kyoto. I have longed to visit Japan, this gem of a country, known the world over for its culture, a country unrivalled in its love for tradition and preserving of the past even as it kept ahead of … Continue reading »

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A journey aboard the Mumbai bound Punjab Mail from Singapore

I have just returned from Singapore by Punjab Mail. It was a Mumbai bound Indigo flight that I had checked into with my brood at Changi, but after security checks and ambling around the duty free, I found myself aboard a flight that closely resembled the Punjab Mail, in as far as the morphological profile of … Continue reading »

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Irish castles, Indian kids, Skyping the dog and other things.

After making Salthill our home in Galway for a few days we were glad to be back in London. It was about time we left Galway for we had become very comfortable in Salthill and our familiarity was beginning to tell. The bartenders at the sea facing gastro-pub, Oslo and the servers at the charming … Continue reading »

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