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Random Blogs

With wings of steel (published in Make in India magazine – 2016)

With wings of steel  

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A woman wanting more out of life isn’t good for a man’s eco system – My piece for the Taj Colloquium

Formal education and an ability to pay their own bills have indeed played a decisive role in the empowerment of women. Being financially dependent does put you at a disadvantage like little else. Last month, Suneeta, a woman who works as a domestic help at my parents’ home threw her perpetually drunk and often violent husband out of her house. Having produced three children in quick succession, not counting the two children she had lost to death over the past ten years, Suneeta had begun to earn her livelihood as soon as her youngest was old enough to attend municipal school. She found the courage to put an end to a lifetime of abuse because she was finally bringing home the bread. Continue reading »

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Confessions of a ‘born again’ vegetarian – my piece in The Quint

It is only when I travel to Europe or to the Far East that I begin to feel the weight of my sacrifice. This gets compounded by the fact that my friends and family are mostly non-vegetarian and help themselves not only to the pork, prawns and the chicken on the table but also to my limited portion of tofu and pak choi. This upsets me no end. As if it isn’t bad enough that I have to watch them eat the food I used to love but I also have to give up large portions of the conciliatory food options that fall in my quota. Continue reading »

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Wake up bibliophiles of Mumbai, The Times Litfest 2015 is upon us!

  The literary aspirations of our country have been on the rise since a few years now. Literary Festivals, which are being organized with increasing frequency all over the country, seem to have replaced Fashion Weeks that were previously held in these very cities. As things stand, for intellectuals, bibliophiles, writers and socialites alike, to … Continue reading »

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A man’s version of Snow White and the Seven (fermenting) Dwarves.

The other night I heard a remarkably macabre story, one that would undoubtedly make Brothers Grimm turn in their crypts. No, am not referring to the Indrani-Sheena murder story that by the looks of it promises to stretch into seasonal episodes. The story I am referring to is one that the husband told our seven-year-old … Continue reading »

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About Books on Toast and why every book lover in Bombay needs to know about it

Anuya Jakatdar is a young youtube professional and someone who has made me look at the twenty something-social-media-loving people with new-found respect. It is easy to dismiss her generation with sweeping labels such as ‘intellectually innocent’ or ‘linguistically ignorant’ and I must confess that I have been guilty of doing that myself. But for all … Continue reading »

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All aboard with Kiran Manral

A mother, a blogger, a freelance writer, a twitter influencer, an author of three published books (and counting) and a dear friend, Kiran Manral is a woman of many talents. If I were to ever write a book on her I would call it ‘I don’t know how she does it’ because ever since we … Continue reading »

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Protected: India: From a nation of sex maniacs to a nation of virgins

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Online book stores, It isn’t you, it’s me

The past few years I have bought more books on Kindle and Amazon than I have from a book store. As much as I loved the feel of a real book, when an e-book was merely a click away, it was a temptation hard to pass up. I took care of my need to physically … Continue reading »

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An English summer and the unbearable confusion of wanting to do too much

“Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” — Samuel Johnson So well, it is another glorious summer here in London, the English summer … Continue reading »

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