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21st December 2012: Remains of the day (the Mayans got it wrong)

December 21st, 2012: So how did you celebrate the supposed last day of the world? I celebrated mine listening to a resplendent Nita Ambani talk, watching mellifluous AR Rahman sing and wonderful little children act out the history of India. Today, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, the brainchild of Mrs. Nita Ambani and Mumbai’s premier educational … Continue reading »

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On Chinese & French parenting and the lessons I have learnt from an American woman

Unlike many women my age, when I was expecting my first one, I wasn’t the least bit anxious. As far as I knew it, there was nothing unusual about becoming a parent, for reproduction was nature’s way of maintaining continuity. Dogs and cats became parents, CEOs, politicians, beggars and even terrorists became parents…. just how … Continue reading »

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Irish castles, Indian kids, Skyping the dog and other things.

After making Salthill our home in Galway for a few days we were glad to be back in London. It was about time we left Galway for we had become very comfortable in Salthill and our familiarity was beginning to tell. The bartenders at the sea facing gastro-pub, Oslo and the servers at the charming … Continue reading »

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Gorillas, Oscar Wilde and a pint of Guinness in Dublin

  From the moment we arrived in Dublin last week, I was struggling to like it. The first aspect of my struggle was that, as always, I was unwilling to leave London. The second aspect was that I had been given a rather dull picture of Ireland and warned that I should brace myself for … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Being Topless

A few days ago I woke up to the nude shot of a model/ aspiring actress in the Bombay Times. The lady in question was a certain Miss Pandey who had offered to strip herself if India won the World Cup. Evidently, she saw in her offer an adequate incentive for our ‘boys’ to bring … Continue reading »

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A picnic at the Mall

I have had no time to pen my thoughts, leave alone ruminate, since I last posted. If you ask me, I haven’t had time to think at all. There is so much that goes on in India to occupy the mind and so many opinions one is compelled to hear over controversies that the mind … Continue reading »

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Mommy diaries (to be read by parents only)

I can’t get over just how sharp tongued my four year old is turning out to be. I was trying to write my blog post and my thoughts were being drowned in the constant cacophonic chaos that usually abounds in a house with small children. I shut myself in my room to be able to … Continue reading »

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Maid for each other

I have been away too long. The kids’ nanny has taken off for a few days and I am having to move my limbs in the direction of my children. Usually, when the nanny is around, I get by with just sitting on the couch and moving my eyes and occasionally my arms in the … Continue reading »

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A must watch for parents with small kids

Slide show on Good Touch and Bad Touch Courtsey: Dr Rupal Dalal

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Save our children, Save our world – CSAAM 2012

“I want to protect innocent people from sin by locking them in cages, where the evil can’t get to them.” ― Jarod Kintz, This is not a topic one would expect to read on my blog. But this is the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month and fellow blogger, author and friend Kiran Manral has ordained that … Continue reading »

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