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On Women’s Day and surviving a Ladies Lunch

Today is Women’s Day. I feel honoured, on behalf of my sex, to have one day in a year kept aside to celebrate us along with other days such as World Epilepsy Day, World Hemorrhoids Day and World Tobacco Day. The tokenism of such a day is moving beyond words and it was with a … Continue reading »

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The curious case of the broken tooth (and the bitter truth)

Three days ago, at approximately the same time that an eminent person’s soul was leaving its mortal coil at his medically equipped house in Mumbai, I was dealing with bereavement in a clinical environment myself. With my eye fixed on the national geographic images that flickered on the monitor strategically hung over the dental chair, … Continue reading »

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The Sophisticated Traveler

I have not posted much since I returned from Japan, this is probably because all I ever want to do lately, is to write about Japan. The other reason is that I have been a bit unsettled ever since I returned and it is always such an effort to go back to one’s routine. Traveling … Continue reading »

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Tall tales of a stiletto loving Punjabi

  I have come to realize that being tall isn’t as much an asset for a woman as people will have you believe. I have reached this conclusion after spending a good number of years as a tall person. The earliest sightings of why my height wasn’t a huge asset to me were after I … Continue reading »

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My review of the Madonna MDNA 2012 concert, Abu Dhabi

Three hours is a long time to wait in the heat of an Abu Dhabi’s simmering summer for a concert to start. At least five people from the patient audience comprising mostly of expats, succumbed to the heat and fainted at the Arena. The previous night’s show had not fetched the Queen too many good … Continue reading »

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Some Images I clicked of Madonna at the MDNA concert, Abu Dhabi

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Aishwarya Rai and the bonfire of vanities

I saw Aishwarya Rai’s photographs from Cannes while I was still in Melbourne. Yes, the one in the Elie Saab floor length number. It seemed unreal. Almost as if someone had placed a thin Aishwarya in front of a funny mirror, the kind they have at amusement parks, and then published her distorted mirror image. … Continue reading »

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 Vir Sanghvi wrote a column last week attempting to explain why women were obsessed with shoes. Here is an excerpt from Vir’s column: I’ve been trying to work out why women are so obsessive about shoes. Part of the reason must be that they need more shoes than men. They try and match their shoes … Continue reading »

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